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Basic Facts About The Financing Program

Is membership in the Center required to participate?

Who can borrow through the program?
Any county, city, village, township or fire district in the State of Ohio may be eligible.

What can be financed?
Virtually any capital asset (life of five years or more) can be financed through the program, such as fire trucks, fire stations, police cruisers, maintenance buildings, road improvements and land purchases to name a few. The program can also be used to refinance existing bonds and/or outstanding notes. For more examples, click here (PDF: 8KB).

What is required to participate in the program?
Eligible members must pass either a resolution or ordinance authorizing the borrowing and then accept the final interest rates and terms once the program is funded.

What are the interest rates?
Interest rates will vary depending on the length of borrowing, but will be based on the bond yields for highly rated bonds. Of course rates are subject to change at any time, but would reflect those of highly rated bonds at the time the program is funded. Click here for the current rates.

What is the payback period?
The participating entity may select a repayment period from one to 25 years subject to the estimated life of the asset.

How much does it cost to participate?
The cost to participate is included in the interest rate of your financing. The actual cost will depend on the size and number of members participating since the advantage of the program is to “share” certain fixed expenses and to gain economies of scale. In any case, the cost under the program should be substantially less than an independent financing. Each participant will receive a detailed accounting of the cost at the closing of each financing.

Can financings be paid off early or refinanced?
Financings exceeding 10 years in length may be eligible for prepayment or refinancing subject to the same rules applicable to most fixed rate bonds.

What is the timetable?
Click here for the current timetable.

What are the payment requirements?
Each member will be required to make semi-annual interest payments on May 15 and November 15 and annual principal payments on November 15. Members can choose annual repayment plans, however, that fit their individual cash flow needs. For example, they can choose level annual payments or increasing or decreasing annual payments.

What is the maximum I can borrow?
The program does not have a minimum nor maximum limit; however, your existing statutory debt limitations must be applied as they would under traditional borrowing methods.

Privacy Policy
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