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Capital Asset Financing Program Application

Please complete the following online application or you may complete the Capital Asset Financing Application (PDF: 286KB) and FAX.

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Jurisdiction Name*


Government Type*
County   City   Village   Township

Contact Name*
City*                                                        ZIP Code*
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General Project Description*

When are funds needed (date estimate)?*
If land is being purchased, how will the land be used?
Economic Development   Governmental Use   Other 
Itemized Project Cost*
Dates of next four Board/Council Meetings*

Who is your bond counsel?
Has money been spent on the project, which is to be reimbursed?*  Yes   No
Do you currently have debt outstanding for this project?*   Yes   No
If Yes,
Short-term (Notes)   Long-term (Bonds)
Term of financing for project
(in years 1-25)*

Source of payment for project
General Fund     Enterprise Fund
Dedicated Levy  Other
How did you hear about the program?
Other information you would like to share



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